US-16-XG vs USW-Aggregation

Howdy folks! long time listener first time caller :grin:

Is the US-16-XG still a ok buy in 2021? Currently upgrading my home network to 10gb and need around 6-7 10gb ports. I seen there is the Gen2 8 port USW-Aggregation as well. That would leave me with 7 ports after the uplink I think. Or Could even get a second one later I guess if needed. The 16-xg would give me more room to grow though right off the bat. My only issue is its a Gen 1 and I would hate to buy it and then it go EOL 2 years later or something since its Gen 1. The 4 rj45 ports would be nice. I doubt I would ever need more than 14 ports over all (pretty sure the spouse would kill me anyways) so anything bigger would be overkill.

I don’t really see an issue with the US-16-XG as we have not had any issues with them. Of note the fans in the US-16-XG are a bit loud. But if you don’t need the extra ports then go with the less expensive usw-aggregation.

thanks! The fans would not be a problem as its in the basement away from everyone else in the house. That is good to know though thanks!

I don’t “need” the extra ports but I am sure I could find use over time :slight_smile:

I was more worried about buying the US-16-XG and then Ubiquiti saying hey its too old and dump support for it. But that does not sound like it might be an issue for a few years yet?