URGENT help - HA in SG-2100, with multi wan


I need to configure two pfsense SG-2100 in HA and multi WAN

I have a fiber /30 with only one ISP IP + ISP gateway, how should i configure the wan ip on pf1 and pf2 please? and virtual ip? what about NAT?

the second WAN is a dsl , i have /32 public IP, or i can use the private network to assign IPs to pf1, pf and carp?

Lan interface will be the one selected on carp configuration
pfsense 1 :
pfsense 2 :

i’m not an expert in pfsense, please give details to get your answers. Your help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Proper setup of the HA for WAN requires at least 3 IP’s for each WAN.