UrBackup - Local and Internet Backups

Hi all,

We have been using UrBackup now for a while for some of our smaller clients.

Its a VM built on Debian in our XCP-NG environment, the VM is replicated to our NAS across spanned disks. I think the total storage is 17TB for the VM. Inside the VM the OS Virtual Drive is Luks encrypted and won’t boot unless you put the passphrase in, the 2, spanned virtual drives are also Luks encrypted and won’t mount unless you have the private keys. Traffic to/from the UrBackup server is encrypted also, the UI for UrBackup is slick and fluent. You can do Image backups and File/Folder backups. A couple of times I have had to restore from within UrBackup, with the UrBackup client installed at the customers end, restores are easy, you can either download as a ZIP or browse through the web ui restore section, and simply click restore, select the version of the file/folder you want to restore and away it goes. tried and Tested! A backup is not a backup without a successful restore. If you click restore to the client, you will get a confirmation box at yon end (OK / Cancel).

There are many clients available, for Mac, Windows, BSD & Linux.

I’ll try and get a clear-cut YouTube video done very soon. !!!

Anyone else using or used UrBackup?



Using UrBackup for mobile workstation file backup, has been working great for 2+ years, very easy for end users to restore with the right click menu option; also administration is almost effortless once you build a good ignore list of file/directories.

Running debain in a VM in HA on Proxmox, with the data storage on a NAS; Highly recommend the software.

https://www.urbackup.org/ has been a tool that I have looked at a few times but never deployed. I have heard good things about it so I might take a look at it.

Yeah check it out, As above, we have a few laptops at client locations… those clients take their laptops home… whether they are in the office or at home the machines will backup wherever they are.

How does the right click thing work?

dont think ive noticed that! is that on the files/folders them selves that you are backing up or on the system tray icon?

On files/folders you backup if you right click on them directly there is an option to “access backup” and it opens urbackup web restore directly to that file/folder showing all the different versions you have, allowing you to 1 click restore the files from there.

Ahhh handy,

im on a client server now looking at that, I can see access/restores on the client in the system tray but not on the files and folders themselves, perhaps because I am on a server.