UPS model for use with pfSense

What lower end UPS models are best to use with pfSense? I want to use apcupsd to monitor it, and wonder what, in your direct experience, works well. I know it’s supposed to be compatible with a very wide variety of devices, but I also know that doesn’t always pan out in the real world.

I’m thinking a 450-500 would be the size I’d like. Do the base model APCs or CyberPowers work? Any cables that are known to have issues?

Thanks in advance.

A lot of the lower end APC models are still RS232 based, so you might need one of their USB to RS232 cables. Smallest I’ve bought are SmartUPS in 1200VA and normally buy the 2200VA with an extra battery shelf for extended run time (no generator).

Replace the batteries every 3 years on an APC brand.

I put two of these behind our main living room components where I have some higher end equipment. Not sure your idea of “cheap” but I didn’t consider these inexpensive. Yet they have performed flawlessly.

I plan to get something similar for the network closet as soon as I get things finalized and setup. They have different sizes, you just need to check the wattage of your devices so you pick the right fit for your situation.

Thanks for the info.

I’m using two APC Back-UPS Pro 1500S UPS. One for my computer system and one for my home entertainment system. They “go off,” beep, or switch over to the UPS a couple times a week since I have them on the most sensitive setting.

I would suggest getting units with “sinewave” output for computer equipment.