UPS back up Online or inline

I am currently designing a Unifi Network for a new home I am building and will be installing a UNIFI dream machine for network and also unifi protect. My question is related to UPS power backups. Do you recommend a double conversion ups over an inline UPS? I see they are much more expensive but do I need one or is an inline ok. PS my house including the network will have a Whole House generator for power outages…

I prefer the higher end double conversion but it comes down to what you have the budget for.

I understand the budget aspect. but is a Double conversion necessary? or will the inline do the job.

Found a pretty good write-up:

Unless you have poor quality ‘power’ in your home or have tons of brownouts/blackouts or extremely sensitive pieces of equipment that the UPS needs to protect; a line-interactive UPS should fit the bill considering they tend to be less expensive. If you have the change to spare the double-conversion UPS’ do provide better protection and supposedly don’t require battery replacement as frequently.