UPS and Graceful Unifi Switch Shutdown

Noob question.

I am in the process of setting up my first pfSense + Ubiquiti home network. I want to protect the networking gear with a proper UPS.

The UPS will provide (needed) surge protection and battery backup (obviously), BUT how do I perform a graceful shutdown of my networking equipment?

It appears I can use the NUT package to setup a graceful shutdown of my Netgate 6100. What about my Ubiquiti CloudKey Gen2 Plus, USW Aggregration, and Prox Max 24, how can they be setup to gracefully shutdown once my UPS switches to battery power (time left, batter % left, etc)?

Would the Unifi Power Distribution Pro have any potential role (in combination with the UPS)?


Side Note: I have CyberPower 1500VA UPSs for each of my computers. I was looking at a like rack mounted UPS from either CyberPower, Eaton etc. to protect the networking gear and my Synology NAS.

You would have to setup a nut client to read the data from pfsense with the nut server installed and then create a script to shutdown all the devices you want. It won’t be easy but you could probably get away with a script to SSH into all them and shut them down or find different methods.

@LTS_Tom and @xMAXIMUSx

Thank you both.

Tim’s video is what got me thinking about it (that and the surge prone wiring in my house). The SSH script is also a great idea – i just watched the How to Manually Update UniFi Access Point Firmware via SSH – this should help close the loop.

Tom - your videos are what gave me the confidence to make the pfSense plunge.

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