Upgraded to TrueNAS12.0-U2 Previous Versions now show up but can't copy back

I’m using 12.0-U2 and part of a bug fix for this version they fixed the but of the SMB share not showing the snapshots in the previous versions drop down of folders. Now they show up but if I delete something I cant drag the file back into the folder once it has been deleted. I recreated the snapshot process and I have restarted the SMB service.

Does anyone have an idea I can do next to try to get this to work.

Not an issue I have tested, might want to post in their forums and see if there is a ticket open.

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I think I figured it out. I was sharing the Pool and not a top level Dataset. Once I changed that it works. Had set up this share many years ago so never thought about it.

It was when one of the guys over at TrueNAS forum suggested create a TrueNAS VM and test a fix that is coming I guess in U3 that is still being tested did I realize this.

Thanks for the reply Tom can’t wait for your tutorials on Scale.

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