Upgraded New Synology Advice Setup

hey all, I finally did a thing. I purchased the Synology DS1821+ (an upgrade for my aging DS1513+). I had been eyeing it for a while but kept waiting, but then the last week my DS1513+ start behaving funky and a couple of scares with the hard drives. I decided to start making moves.

Previous setup
DS1513+ (5 bay, with 3TB drives, in SHR-2)
The drives are 7 years old

New Setup
DS1821+ (8 bay, only purchased 4 x 16TB for now)
2 x 16GB Ram

Here is my thought process….but want confirmation from the hive mind if there is a better way of doing things. It’s been several years since I setup a NAS.

  1. Copy all data from old NAS to new NAS
  2. Backup new NAS to an offsite cloud backup solution
  3. Purchase new larger drives and put them in the old NAS
  4. Have the new NAS backup to the old NAS with the larger drives
  5. Enjoy the dual NAS life

Is there a best practice list of Synology setup to follow? A key thing that I know I should incorporate but still hesitant on is the ability to access the Synology remotely or to share specific files with a few friends or photos with family.

I also have Unifi in the house, if that helps with the conversation. Thanks!

If you have a “secure” location you can put your 2nd NAS I’d do that instead of the cloud. Unlikely drives would fail at the same time, you might want to purchase different brands to be sure. Though you would need to setup a VPN to that location.

If you want to “open” things up to others, I’d definitely consider setting up vlans, OpenVPN, certificates and being their IT support :slight_smile: