Upgrade to TrueNAS server FreeBSD

I am not able to get correct permission to using SMB share from Windows 10. I tried setup new user, new dataset still not able to access files from Windows Explorer. Need help. Works fine with FreeNAS.

You need to update the permissions with the username that you are connecting with.

I created new user name, password still under windows share when I mapped the drive stated wrong username or password. I give ACL full control or owner and group.

Hi, I follow your video instruction TrueNAS with SMB shared. But when I tried to map the network drive to the folder with the newly created user for the dataset, it give me error access. When I use FreeNAS it works great. Now with TrueNAS it’s harder. I got the plex server to work but no way to copy files over to the TrueNAS server. Been struggle for 1 month. I tried on 3 different PC and they all have some error. I have USG-4 newly install could that be a problem. Anyway you can debug my system?

I have an updated video on how to do TrueNAS shares and permissions that might help.

This is the video I watched several times including other ones too. I follow the instructions, create the new user, group and dataset as shown, still network access error when access from all my PC windows. Maybe setting on my USG4 dhcp server, block it or my PC setting. I don’t thing what else I did wrong.

I tried again to map the network drive, I got this message “The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password.” I checked the connect using different credentials. How do I get windows to refresh to new user since I have been testing with different users on the same dataset?

I manage to delete all unsuccessful map drive using cmd net use. Now back to Window cannot access \\youtubefolder… You do not have permission to access…

Appreciated all your great video? I like you explain very thoroughly with your admin and installer experience. I did watch this video several times but I got stuck when do not have permission to open the map folder. I even use OPEN acl for all users access the folder still not successful. But only different is the Storage pool is created from FreeNAS when I converted over I import the pool. The should not matter but not working.
I can see all the folders in SMB share when I enter the owner user credential:
I also try mapped network folder with different credentials, same error.
I tried several of my PC on the network. Same issue can see the main folder but not able to open it.
Now Plex Server works but not able to copy files over to the Pool.
Not much of TrueNAS (NAS) if not able to copy files from windows.

I got it fixed from TrueNAS forum user. The problem is I imported the pool from FreeNAS and the pool is own by root and group wheel. Since SMB with root no longer allow, all my dataset underneath it is new owner. Since the pool is own by the root and everyone have no permission, I am not able to access the dataset. I have to do in shell setfacl command for everyone to access to the pool. This will not happen if you create a new pool using TrueNAS.