Upgrade Mediawiki to v1.35

Pretty sure I’ve heard you say you use mediawiki, they’ve finally got version 1.35 out.
It has the Visual Editor Extension now built-in.

The documentation for Mediawiki is god awful, the irony isn’t lost on me, have to admit I struggle to update it and add extensions most of the time.

I’d say it would be useful if you are able to outline the main steps if you update your own wiki instance in a video. Kill two birds with one stone !

Could also be the case that I’m just not finding good documentation so any pointers in that direction would be helpful too.

Even I sometimes struggle with the updates, it has been a bit of a challenge and one of the reasons I have been looking for some good devops people I can pay to build install scripts that I would then open source.

Ok fair enough, I thought it was just me :frowning:

Perhaps Xwiki in their docker might be the way to go.

@neogrid – I’ve heard Tom talk about mediawiki before and I took a look at the project. Honestly the documentation is all over the place. Seems to me this would be an ideal docker candidate however according to wiki the docker images aren’t “officially” supported – even the dockerhub package. It would seem however docker would likely be the way to go with this package to cut down on a lot of the variability with the install.

Yeah Docker is on my list.

Xwiki have a docker image already, however, there is a task of then migrating from Mediawiki.

It’s for my own use but I found it handy to document various stuff which is now essential :slight_smile:

Xwiki looks nice, but not sure why they still have not implemented a native 2FA option.