Upgrade/Install to 11.3 Problems

I have a SuperMicro X7 class system with 32GB of ECC RAM that I cannot get either 11.2.7 or 11.3 to install.

I’ve tried different boot media(DVD and USB), reduced memory size to 16GB, completely removed the LSI IT Mode card(running with just 2 drives connected to the MB ports) and always get the same error, which causes the install to hang(but with continuous activity on the boot device), and eventually reboot to repeat it all again.

The error I get happen after the boot partitions are created and say:

gmirror: invalid class name

I have no idea why this happens or what it actually implies, but I’m stumped. Asking for help on the IX Community site didn’t yield any useful results.

To add to the puzzle, version 9.10 installs just fine, but I have other issues that I won’t address here. I’ll open another topic for those.