Upgrade CPU (Xeon)


I have a Lenovo ThinkStation D30 as a lab server for Proxmox. The CPU is a Xeon E5-2620 0 @ 2.00 Ghz (6 cores) and the motherboard has 2 sockets LGA 2011-0.

Is the socket type LGA-2011 the only thing I must check to find 2 new compatible Xeon? I want at least 8 cores/CPU

They talk about Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge… is it compatible ? The Xeon 2620 is Sandy Bridge.
(LGA 2011 - Wikipedia )

Thanks for your help !

I have never tried to upgrade a Lenovo server CPU, if no on else here has any suggestions then I would try their forums.

The CPU has to be supported by the mainboard / chipset as well. There is no guarantee that all CPUs with the same socket will work, but usually entire series of CPUs (e.g. Xeon E5-26xx) are supported rather than only a few CPUs from a series.

The manufacturer’s website is usually a good place to find a compatibility chart. In your case this seems to be relevant (please verify that this document indeed matches your machine).

@LTS_Tom Thank you. I read a lot on the support for pieces and forums.

@paolo Amazing document. I have the model 4223. With this information, I have all the cpu’s list that I can use…

Thanks a lot for your help !