Upgrade 23.09 to 24.03 or No

I have been using pfsense 23 since it came out and I’m on 23.09.1 now. I received a notice saying that I can upgrade to 24.03. I was hoping someone could tell me if I should and why or why not.


You’ll really need to read the release notes to see if anything is going to break our not. Particularly the new Firewall State Policy change.


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Thanks for your reply. Is there any reason I should upgrade from 23.09 to 24.03? Pros & Cons?

If any of the fixes or security improvements is beneficial to you then yes.


What other applications are you running on pfsense - pfblocker , squid etc

If you are not running any other applications - I can see no reason not to upgrade

I am running acme, Backup, haproxy, and pfBlockerNG. I’m running pfSense on Netgate’s 5100 appliance which doesn’t have boot environments, so the ZFS snapshot capability won’t do anything for me.

Thanks for the video. I’ll go through it and decide later if I want to do the upgrade.

I recently updated my PFsense from the 23.09 release to the latest 24.03 release and the haproxy stop working. I had to do a rollback and everything worked normally again.