Updgrade a client network. New place

Hello everyone.

My name is William, IT manager from Brazil.

Sorry for the bad English. I’ve been watching the channel for some time, thanks for all the knowledge shared by you.

I have a new client and we are planning an update. Here the current configuration. We have 35 users.

2 Switch 24P Ubiquiti Us-24 Gigabit Unifi +2 Sfp (fresh new) and Cat6 infra. 4 AP Ubiquiti.

1 Dell PowerEdge T430. E5-2620 v3, 16GB, 4 discs 1TB, 1 SSD for Windows Server 2016 DC/SMB and 3 VMs on it. Pfsense is one of this VM for router/firewall/OpenVPN.

Local Backup in External USB and Dropbox copy.

I am planning to deploy a new server dedicated to FreeNAS for shared folders and VM storage. everything in Raid-Z2. Online Backup on some B2 service.

In this new network we will also implement VOIP and improve security by separating everything by VLANS.

With this old server we will continue using it like DC/ Pfsense and VM but I’m not sure which is the best way to use. Promox, Hyper-V Server, Citrix or how is it today. Upgrade to SFP card maybe.

Speed will be better with the giga network but I’m not sure what is the best way to use this old hardware to ensure stability and security.

Things are difficult in that corner. i see some posts on r / homelabsales and i feel jealous. Some great servers for $ 300. Here is a small fortune.

thank’s for your time

For what it’s worth, I’m using Proxmox in a homelab and it’s challenging migrating my VMware VMs over to Proxmox, there isn’t an import feature. Though I do like Proxmox, I’m running about 20 vms on a Lenovo m900 and haven’t had any downtime or issues, though I do see on some Proxmox updates they recommend a reboot, will need planning in production.

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My preference is to use XCP-NG https://youtu.be/q-jKs62b6Co but as @neogrid said Proxmox works well too.


I personally use proxmox but I would recommend XCP-NG for enterprise networks as differential backups is a thing with xcp-ng/xen-orchestra. The only thing I don’t like is that guest virtual disks are limited to 2TB.

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I’m a Proxmox user as well for both my business and home lab.