Updating Syncthing in manually setup TrueNAS jail

I have a problem updating Syncthing in manualy setup jail.
Current version I have is 1.13.1.
I tried via TrueNAS GUI with no luck.
I ssh to TrueNAS and put the “iocage upgrade SyncThing” command. It is asking me for target release. what would be a target release ? Or Where can I find it ?
Also is there any other way to upgrade manually setup jail of Syncthing in TrueNAS to version 1.17 ?

Don’t use the plug in, manually create the jail manually (NOT via the plugins). To make sure you are on the latest version of jail system you can use the command
iocage fetch
and choose the default selection as of right now which is the 12.2-RELEASE

The video I have on it shows using the pkg install but that will not get you the latest version. For that you can download the latest FreeBSD Sycnthing from their site Syncthing | Downloads