Updating FreeNAS 11.2 to TrueNAS 12 w/ ZeroTier


My FreeNAS box runs 11.2 at the moment and I’d like to update it. I would however like to keep using ZeroTier, as that allows me to have access to my box when I’m on the road. Of course I know I can set up an OpenVPN or something like that, but my home IP might change (i know about dyndns) and I don’t really want to open up ports (if I’m even able to with the ISP router). So ZeroTier really is a nice solution to me.

Now for the actual question: How do I upgrade while retaining the ZeroTier? At the moment, it’s just on the FreeNAS itself, which is, I assume, not great practice. Should I move the ZeroTier to a jail? And how would I configure it so I could actually access the actual FreeNAS box instead of just the jail?

Thanks in advance,

It should be fine to keep running it on the TrueNAS itself.

Thanks Tom,

I’ve finally done the dreaded update and it wasn’t as much of a pain as I expected. Of course one of the plugin jails didn’t update properly, but I had expected that, as that’s usually a bit of a pain. I had to temporarily disable the local pkg repo and enable the freebsd pkg repo to add ZeroTier back to FreeNAS, but other than that, everything works smoothly again

Thanks for your advice,