Updated Netgate Appliance from 22.x to 23.09 network down

Ive been dealing with this for more than 2 hours now and i hope someone can assist. my netgate 6100 was running a 22 release this am and i had the appliance download and apply the update. post update the network did not restore, after 30 min or so i consoled in to see a “#” at which time I issued a reboot command and did get into the console menu. From console, i can ping out to the internet by hostname (DNS resolver is functioning). i released the IP on one of my computers internally and got a 169 address. i statically assigned the ip address of the PC to what DHCP issued previously (with appropriate gateway and DNS settings and was not able to ping the gateway or resolve hostname.

the netgate is connected to a ubiquity via 2 ten gigs in a LACP channel. since the ubuiquity controler is n a different subnet, i cant check the status. being not to familiar with the netgate/pfsense console, does anyone have any thoughts?

i went back in configs several steps with no luck
i updated from 23.09 to 23.09.1 via console (version numbers are incorrect) i just loaded a previous version and it shows 24.03,so im pretty confused now
i rebooted the switch connected to the ntegate with no luck

24.03 is the latest version and a guess is that the LACP might have become broken, see if you can plug a computer directly into a port and get an address or manually set and address to see if you can get back into the web interface.

Thanks Tom,

For whatever reason, it booted into the old version which is why i had the version #s wrong n my post. once i realized and tried different boot environments, i hit 24.03 and everything came up

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