Update xcp-ng and/or templates

I looked around for videos on this but there are none from Lawrence, other channels leave me more confused than informed (not of the Lawrence quality).

How does one update xcp-ng? And do the templates in the create new VM list update along with that? Is it a separate update? How is that gone about?

Here is how to update xcp-ng — there are a few different options: https://xcp-ng.org/docs/upgrade.html#release-notes-known-issues

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Replies are whicked fast on the forum!

I thought about making a dedicated video to make that easier to find. I covered the yum method for doing a point release update here at the 1:48 mark (I have been putting time indexes in many of my videos to make this easier) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aycQ3RAM4GU&t=4s

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Awesome!!! Upgrading right now! I also found that nano was already installed (shots fired! LOL). I’m not 1337 enough to use vi.

FYI to those updating, looks like the latest build of XCP-NG-Center ( does not connect with XCP-ng 8.2.0.


Not the end of the world, can use Xen Orchestra- and maybe this is the kick in the butt I’ve been needing to follow @LTS_Tom 's video on building the fully featured version from source.

XCP-NG-Center is probably going away at some point. It always lags behind in version updates.

But muh Windows! …

I’m upgrading mine now, rebooting to USB installer. I wonder why Center won’t connect, even the previous version of XO is still connecting to the two servers I’ve just completed.

Xen Center will get there – usually takes a few weeks. I like XO mostly but there are a few little feature of Xen Center that I really like. The interface on the whole is pretty nice.

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I agree, XCP-NG Center has a few things that are much easier to handle (they are on the surface) where they may be lacking or not as easy to find in XO. Yes I know, RTFM. Wish I had a job that allowed me to RTFM. Get it working, move on, get something else working, move on. It is not always as simple as saying RTFM.