UNVR - Flash Storage

@LTS_Tom I saw your great review of the UNVR from last year. You mentioned the flash drive for storage. The UNVR-Pro supposedly has eMMC memory storage instead of the flash drive.

Have you been able to tear apart a newer unit to see if they are still using flash drives? I’m hoping they have changed to eMMC like the UNVR-Pro.

On my to do list, but not there yet.

I’m going to open up mine this weekend. I’ve decided if it fails, I will just get a pro version. It’s board revision 38. Ordered it direct from UI 09/16 so it should be one of their newest productions. Will post back here what I find.

@LTS_Tom I can confirm that the USB flash drive is no longer utilized with the newer models (board revision 38 in my case).

Was able to swap my temporary WD Red 8TB drives to the WD Purple Pro 18TB drives. Was a snug fit, but I now have 36TB of space (configured in RAID10).

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