Unusual File upload to Onedrive and Wetransfer

Hello Mates,

I have a very unusual situation regarding uploading a folder in Ondrive and Wetransfer, when trying to

upload folder to these sites, 2 of the files is either missing or does not have any file size. the folder is

from our file server. but when i tried to copy the folder in my local drive the upload went smoothly.

encountered twice already. worried something is happening that i cannot see.

windows server : windows server 2008

client : windows 10

thanks in advance mate!

Just a guess, but I have a feeling that these files are getting flagged as malware or virus.

i thought about this, but when i copy it also to a new folder on the server, its working fine

Onedrive has it’s own scanner, and it will look inside zip files.

try to copy the missing files to onedrive one by one and see if you get any error messages during the upload.