Untangle with DNS over TLS or HTTPS

I’ve been using a homemade Untangle Router for over a year now - a few bumps in the road but generally very good. I got the idea to use Untangle from Lawrence’s YouTube of course - my dedicated IT designer / planner source of info for my home. Anyhow, has anyone got DNS over TLS or HTTPS working in Untangle? I can not find any documentation or walkthoughts out there. There are so many for PFsense but nothing for Untangle and for some reason Untangle really prefers you to use your ISP’s DNS which I do not want to do (small local provider and only game in town).

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the forums and it has been a feature request since July of 2018 that remains unfulfilled.
Here is their Jira ticket

Ok thanks. Thought there may have been a more technical approach through dnsmasq under the advanced settings. I guess I’ll continue to wait and use the browser settings for now.