Untangle wireguard set up

set up wireguard in untangle. used qr code to set up configuration on iphone wireguard app.
cannot connect as i get a message unable to dns resolve.
any suggestions to resolve this issue

Been a while since I used Untangle, but I would assume it’s giving a DNS entry instead of an IP that is not valid for your WAN connection.

i have created the tunnel in the wireguard untangle app. i click the remote client which produces the qr code. i go to my phone and scan it which sets up the tunnel. when i connect it gives me the following: "dns resolution failure. one or more endpoints domains could not be resolved.
my untangle is set up as external wan in auto dhcp, internal lan to switch, asus router in access point connected to switch. the external wan is set up with primary dns override of 1.1.1…1 and secondary
i am also running web filter, ips, virus and threat protection