Untangle Web Filter Bypass Rules

Hi all,

We just purchased untangle web filter for a client of mine. We only got the web filter and we only want it to apply to a specific vlan.

I was told by someone from Untangle that this was a usable configuration and that I could use the Bypass Settings to Bypass all traffic other than from my specific Vlan.

Well try as I might, I can’t seem to find the right settings to only apply the filter to the specific vlan. I either end up with no traffic passing through the filter or all traffic going through the filter, which I don’t want because we only have 25 licenses.

Any ideas what I might be missing or what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve tried setting “inbound traffic to interface-explicitly process” and all other traffic bypass.

I have also tried bypass in and bypass out rules for every interface other than my specific vlan.

Neither combination worked.

I should be clear, we only have the web filter, not the NG firewall so we don’t have access to policy manager.

They have a write up here on that
Also, if you are a paid user they have support that should help with the rule writing.

Thanks for replying Tom!

I figured it out…

OK so what I did in case anyone else wants to know is that I went into the bypass rules under settings and put a rule for the vlan I want filtered that says

Traffic originating from address process

Followed by a rule for each vlan I wanted bypassed that said

Traffic originating from address bypass.

I was missing the asterisk that pointed out that all traffic not matching a rule would automatically be processed and was still getting traffic from a vlan that I hadn’t explicitly written a rule for. There’s probably another way to do this and I assume it still works with other sized subnets.

This also stopped the admin warning about going over my allotted licenses.