Untangle vlan for unifi ap guest ssid

How do you build this out from a tagged perspective. I’m working directly with untangle support to diagnose the issue, but short story short, I’ve assigned the vlan tag via untangle, just as I have with other routers/firewalls, and the ssid i still not pushing the vlan dhcp administered by the untangle router.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The port you are connecting to needs to be a trunk port with a native VLAN ID for management if you want multiple SSID’s. Also the switch you are running needs to be an managed one and the port needs to be a trunk also. I guess you could setup just an access VLAN on the port that is connected to your AP but, it sounds like the switch isn’t properly configured.

This, I had multiple VLAN’d SSIDs with Untangle before swapping to PFsense.

Is the only issue the lack of DHCP? If you set a static IP and connected to the wifi can you hit the gateway on Untangle?

Make sure the VLAN is set on the Untangle interface, the switch, the wifi in unifi, etc. It needs to be present every leg of the connection. Screenshots and some more detailed information on the network layout would make diagnosis easier.

Hi everyone.

I’ve created a taggled VLAN in untangle, and linked in over as I normally with any other router/firewall with the unifi controller.
The VLAN is supposed to have access to WAN - after speaking with untangle, they mentioned that creating the vlan in network > add tagged vlan interface would auto generate a vlan capable of doing so(see attached image 4). I enable DHCP on untangle, etc etc.

When a device connects to the guest ssid on the ubnt AP’s, I get the 169.254 ip address of death. I can see the 169.254 IP in the ubiquiti controller, but not the untangle UI. I don’t see any traffic coming from the VLAN either.
I’ve attached images (1-3), to show my config in ubnt.

untangle z12 hardware appliance
8 ubnt ap-ac-pro
1 ubnt usw-16-poe


Any thoughts? Untangle is now telling me that it is impossible to push a vlan tag to the same AP that is hosting a local internal ssid. That makes absolutely no sense, I’ve never ran into an issue like this with any other router/firewall.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Where does Interface 3 from Untangle go to physically?

Is it connected to a switch or AP?

My assumption based on what I can see is the parent interface for your VLAN might need to be your “Internal” interface, but that may change based on where your interface 3 goes.

Additionally, if you connect to the SSID and set a static IP, can you ping the gateway, get internet, etc?

Finally got it figured out.
Here are my final steps:


  1. Network>Add tagged vlan interface. Set parent interface to Internal.
  2. Set 802.1q tag,
  3. specify IPv4 scope,
  4. setup DHCP config (all default settings)
  5. Create firewall rule
    source interface is VLAN NAME
    destination interface IS NOT Any WAN
    Action Type: Block


  1. Create corporate network, enter gateway IP & Subnet from untangle vlan
  2. disable dhcp mode
  3. enable dhcp guarding, type in gateway ip from untangle vlan
  4. Create SSID in wireless networks, select network created from step 1

Thanks for your help fellas.