Untangle TunnelVPN + ProtonVPN

Hello all,

Hope everyone’s Friday has treated them well.

Does anyone run Untangle TVPN with PVPN? If so, what OVPN config file (OS) did you download?

I’ve tried iOS, Linux, Router… no success. Just always in “Disconnected” state after recycling, even rebooting.

Also to note, I’ve created a ticket with Proton with this exact issue and their looking into it and would also like to know “what works” to add to their wiki.


Hi - Yes i am using this combination.

I took the router OVPN file and in Untangle added a ‘custom ovpn with username & password’.

Where I expect you’re going wrong is the credentials for this are different from your Proton login, you can see them on the Proton admin screen. How to log in to Proton VPN - Proton VPN Support

If it still doesn’t work the log tab on Untangle should show where it’s failing.


Just noticed original question is a couple of years old - but leaving answer to help.