Untangle, pfSense, or opnsense

what I’m looking for mainly aside from the obvious firewall is threat management. Ie, malware and phishing. I know untangle uses brightcloud, but is there anything similar on pfSense? I’m just starting to dip my toes with pfblockerng, but it doesn’t seem like this is the solution. Of course I could be totally wrong this due to my inexperience.

In short , I have to avoid those phishing links as some in my family are notorious for clicking those. Untangle does a great job at blocking those, but it is rather pricey. If I could avoid the annual fee I would prefer it. If not, then I guess that may be my only option.
The issues mainly come from mobile devices on the network. For the desktops they all have software on them, like Bitdefender which does a good job.

Also on another note, I have 1.5gbps internet and when using pfSense I lose 300Mbps straight off the bat. This is a fresh install, and with untangle using the same appliance I lose nothing. Not sure if it’s a FreeBSD thing with Intel 225 cards.

Stick with untangle as their threat management is more robust. The speed issue could be a few things, try the new pfsense+ 23.01RC as it has the latest drivers.

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Thanks for the info. It’s really that big of a difference?

I’ll give 23.01RC a shot. I tried the CE 2.7 one and it had the same issue.

Untangle or Sophos XG Home.

Sophos would not even load. Don’t think it’s compatible with my hardware even with the bios set to legacy.

After further research it looks like intel 225 cards are not supported on sophos

After some crazy troubleshooting I finally found the answer to the reduced speed on pósense and opnsense. No matter what if the card on the other end is an Intel 225 rev 1 or 2 it kills the speed. This doesn’t happen with untangle only with FreeBSD based systems. A rev 3 card or any other 2.5 card will not cause this issue.

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