Untangle, Move all VLANS to a different interface

We are getting 5GB internet at a client and the handoff is changing from 1gb baseT to a 10GB sfp+ module.

I bought a new dual 10gig nic for the firewall server and want to change the main LAN interface over to it from its current 1GB interface.

Is there a way to tell Untangle “this is the new LAN now including all of the VLANS” or will I have to move each vlan one by one and re-address them all?

I’ve never had to change an interface on an existing untangle box, might be worth posting in their forums about.

Thanks for the insight. I’ll do that and report my findings (if any).

Well a 5 minute browse of the Arista/Untangle wiki pointed out the Remap Interfaces button on the Config/Networks/Interfaces page is what I was looking for. It’s just a drag and drop the physical interface onto the set up logical interface.

Thanks again for the reply Tom.

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This did in fact work. But be careful if you have a lot of physical interfaces because it shuffles them around when you move stuff.