Untangle and Ubiquiti

I have attached the topology that I currently have. As you can see that the UDM pro is connected directly to the cable modem. The reason being is that unifi has a pretty good VPN option although it still needs some improvement which brings me to my next question:

I have heard a lot about Untangle being a transparent bridge and I am not familiar with that. So my question is this: If its in bridge mode does it act as a firewall and if it does, how do I configure it to allow all the vpn traffic to come in? Or is there another alternative firewall device that would be sufficient to do what I am asking?

What is the goal? Why do you want to put a transparent bridge in front?

If you think Unifi VPN is good, you should try Untangle’s… unless you are using UID with its own VPN which enables options not otherwise available through the Unifi controller…

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I am wanting to increase security. I need a better firewall solution in place. I have played with Untangle and Pfsense, but I also need the VPN ability which is where it gets interesting. Untangle on one hand works well with openvpn but Unifi does not. However, I want to be able to VPN into the network at the house so I can manage things without exposing certain ports.

Both Untangle and pfsense have Wireguard and OpenVPN and both work great.

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I have watched the videos that have been posted on your channel, but can you point me in the directions where I can find the how to manuals or to your videos that go into the setup and configuration of either the PFsense or untangle?

Here is my getting started video

Wireguard with Untangle.