Untangle and PPPOE

I installed Untangle on the same server I have pfsense on, new SSD. When I got to the port assignment part, I could not get external communication. It says DNS worked, but no internet. I have Centrylink fiber and have the router from them in bridge mode, just as before. I am using the same user and password that worked just fine on pfsense. When I pull the SSD and put pfsense back in, works fine. So, am I missing something or is PPPOE just screwy on untangle?

Just got off the phone with my ISP. Nothing on their end except the service going down last night and resetting their equipment. My login credentials are correct as well. So, at a loss at this point on why pfsense works but not Untangle.

Well, went for the nuke it from orbit approach. Wiped the drive and reinstall. Works now. Not sure why it works now, but it does.