Unraid vs truenas scale is best for my hardware

I have an MS-01 running a proxmox server. I have this backup up to a 4-bay Synology. I plan to upgrade storage to utilize 10gb.

I have a rosewell box with i7 4790, nonECC 32gb ram, Asrock z97 extreme 6, 6x WD enterprise 14tb hdds, 2x 240gb hdds for os, 1 nvme, x710 dual sfp+ nic. I would like to build a solid storage system that backup my synology and be act as fast storage for my deaktop as well server. Which one is beat for my use case? I have plan to run a z2 array on truenas scale vs. use my unraid license that I alreadt own.

I prefer TrueNAS because of ZFS and my knowledge of it.

ZFS will always be a go-to for me. It is far superior for data integrity compared to hardware raid systems. I don’t know if unraid does ZFS, but if not, then it is a hard stop for me. TrueNAS would be the option.