Unraid "mover" style cashing with ZFS?

Unraid write caching works by putting a faster drive in front of your HDD and then moving that data to your HDD on a schedule. I like this model because it means my SSD handles all the days activity and prevents my disk spinning up.

I saw the videos on ZFS LOG and L2ARC Cache, but that gave me the impression that this acts as a “real time buffer” rather than a batch mover process (or at least every 5 seconds).

Is something similar to the “mover” cache achievable with OMV/FreeNAS and ZFS? What would be nice if it had a bit more intelligence to retain files in the cache that it knows will be read again soon.

The ZFS caching system does this automatically there is not really any override to move the files to a faster drive. The only sorta exception to this is the special VDEV class.

Thanks. That was an interesting video, but doesn’t really solve the problem. A point I should have mentioned is that this is for my CCTV. It’s constantly writing, but files that get to Gb in size.

I’m thinking the simplest solution is to have a simple SSD share alongside the spinning disk storage, then have some manual script to migrate the files.