Unlicensed frequency

How does Ubiquiti devices handle conflicts and interference with AC routers which would probably overlap 5Ghz of Ubiquiti? Do the devices have beamforming and interference mitigation programs/softwares?

Good question.
It depends a little on the type of hardware being used. Some of the more advanced units have integrated/dedicated “security” radios which is just a fancy way of saying it has a full time transceiver dedicated to scanning for rogue access points, harmful interference and any open frequencies on the 5g and 2g band allocations.

As far as I know every UI access point contains the ability to scan the available freqencies, but I don’t think it does this automatically or intuitively. I can show you from the management side what that looks like to some degree.
This is telemetry data gathered by the Keygen 2.

A very basic channel uitlization layout fed by the radio on my access point:

What you don’t get with access points that lack a dedicated management or security radio is when you tell UI’s access point (must be hard wired to the network in order to scan) to scan all the channels, it shuts off all of it’s WiFi capabilities devoting those transceivers to the scanning efforts. If this node is your only hardwired access point that other remote ap’s route their mesh traffic through, your network is deaf and blind.

** The in-wall HD also seems to disable all of it’s switched ports during RF scanning procedure too, so if you had a 4 port in wall HD using one of it’s switch ports to feed a wired connection to the network for another access point you may lose that one too.*
** On the management page these will show as isolated nodes.*

The Keygen 2 can be set to perform a health check on frequency allocation too.