Universal Server Rails 1-4U

Anyone know of some good Universal rails?

I have multiple Norco RPC 4224 4u cases. but the rails from Norco Suck! As in the don’t fit a standard rack (with wise, which is weird) I would also like to put them on some other cases even if I have to drill some holes/Rivnut.

I have not found any aftermarket ones that we love, they never seem to fit just right. We install a lot of these as they make it easy to just set the server in. Not as nice as the roller bearing slide rails but they get the job done.


Yes I have a few of those was hoping to find a Universal sliding one. As you said, I have yet to see one that is on the level as the ones that come with Dell/HP/Super micro servers

Not truly universal nor sliding, but I’ve had good luck using APC ups rails for other uses in the past

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when you make a rack or some kind of product review that includes these rails, could you spend a moment about elaborating about these rails please.

I have as well but hoping to find a better solution, Ill post back if I do.

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I may have found them!!! Im doing a build with them over the weekend ill post back with all the details