Unify software and Qotom router question

Hi all,

I want to know if people with Unify software can help out.

I am trying to figure out the best unify AP for my new apartment. Witch Unify to use for an apartment

I know from reading that unify haves one application that basically manages everything. But here is the question.

In a lot of YouTube videos I cannot figure out.
The software can do the following:
Internal network
Guest network
Firewall threat management

Because I want to buy an Qotom with OPNsense on it. To protect my network. But how does this work in real life with Unify application as well

It will be like
Modem - Qotom router - switch - PoE injector - AP.
Modem - Qotom router - switch - the rest of the cabled devices.

But if you don’t use USG for example will you still have firewall prevent etc etc.

I cannot see that in any YouTube.

I have videos on using pfsense with UniFi such as this one

But you run the UniFi controller software separate from the firewall software, either on your desktop computer, a dedicated server or on a cloudkey.

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thanks, this look great. especially i wanted as well like that. A separated Guest network and an internal network on 1 AP. the funny thing is. Only me and my wife will be using the internal network, the rest of the family and friends will be on the Guest network.

Hopefully because in the YouTube you used the HD model. 500+ users.
For me the AP PRO will be enough, since it costs also less and is for an home and not an office.

This shows exactly how to setup, thank god no more CLI to create vlans, dhcp etc.

Why PFsense over OPNsense ? any feedback on this.

I will use an Qotom PC because i will also have installed Windows server on it to connect etc. and for drive maps. Or i will use a cheaper one with NAS i need to figure out.


pfsense is the original project and Opensense is a fork of that project. I prefer the original as it is stable with less frequent unnecessary updates.

In that case i will also use PFsense.

Only from what i hear, the update policy is not that great as OPNsense. So it can be unstable for example 1 year etc. I of course do not know it, i only know those two are really great for homes if you dont need an real appliance.

From the YouTube video i really need to be careful and knowing how to work with VLANS in order to have my network working.

One more thing, in the YouTube video it is used with an Unify switch. I do not have $300 for an switch.
What is a different brand what can be good for about 100 with for now maybe 8 ports etc etc.

UniFi makes an 8 port managed switch https://amzn.to/2zDZL9A