Unify Controller Raspberry Pi 4

I already have my unify controller for home on my raspberry pi 4. I want to try to get familiar and play with docker, so I was thinking maybe to use my raspberry pi for that. Has anyone used the unify controller on a raspberry pi 4 using docker. Is there a big limitation with docker and the pi 4.

Second question is should I try to learn how to create and update my own container. From what I understand if there is an update to the program I would have to wait for the container to be updated.

Thanks in advance.

I successfully installed docker and got the unify controller running off the pi as a container. I have to say I’m late to this docker party and its pretty cool. I still don’t understand a lot about it, but it wasn’t too much of a rabbit hole of googling to get the controller up and running.

Hi…I as of late fabricated the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller on my Raspberry Pi2B this week.

I had been utilizing a HP SFF with Win 10 ENT, and colossal asset waste and interferences on my visitor network because of Windows refreshes. I have a solitary long reach AP however it serves 15 clients more than 3 SSID’s of which one is a guest voucher area of interest.

I utilized a 8Gig Micro SD, Raspbian ‘Buster’ with the most recent adaptation of Unifi for Pi 5.11 from September 2019. The outcome is astounding, the local area is an immense asset for setup!