Unify AP, VLANs and powerline adapters

I have an Asus RT-AC3200 on my middle floor of our three story townhouse. My server and networking stuff is all on the bottom level.

Currently the Asus router is using powerline adapters to connect to my TP-Link TL-SG108E smart switch, which then has pfSense plugged in.

I want to be able to start using VLANs over wireless so I’m looking to jump into the Unify arena but I’m curious - will VLAN tags travel across the powerline connection to the Unify AP to be able to use for WIFI?

While I don’t use powerline adapters, when I looked at it 10 years ago their speeds were far lower than ethernet, though I suppose running cable is hassle. I can’t see any reason why it can’t handle vlans.

If you are getting new access points, if they have two ethernet ports you will be able to daisy chain a second access point to widen your range, might come in handy.

Obviously the best solution is run an ethernet cable.

Yeah I know that powerline adapters aren’t ideal but the ones I have seem to give me enough bandwidth to do what I need to do.

I won’t need another AP on the middle level so daisy chaining another AP won’t really be necessary.

I’m renting so running cable through walls, etc isn’t really an option unfortunately.

I would assume the tags will travel as the power line adapter should mimic a wired Ethernet connection.
If you have a managed switch already you could test before purchasing UniFi.

Given that VLANs (IEEE 801.2Q) are a feature of Ethernet, and assuming that your particular set of powerline adapters are capable of transmitting Ethernet traffic (which they absolutely should, otherwise get your money back!), I’d say it’s safe to assume you won’t run into problems at that front.

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