UniFi XG and PoE

Hello. I am upgrading a network. I just installed a Gen 2 UniFi Switch PRO 24 PoE. Twice a year my client hosts about 300 guests in a large space and wanted good WiFi. I “can” hang multiple APs from a 32 foot ceiling, but decided to hang one UniFi XG in the center and supplement from the edges of the space if required. This is my first XG install, but I am hopeful.

Did I misread the specs? The XG has one RJ 45 port capable of 10 Gb. The UniFi Switch PRO 24 PoE has a SPF+ port capable of 10 Gb. AND the switch has PoE++, which the XG requires. My problem is I do not think the SPF+ ports offer PoE++, or if it does, I am not able to find written support to draw that conclusion. So, how do I take advantage of a 10 Gb connection AND power the XG with PoE++ via my Gen 2 UniFi Switch PRO 24 PoE?? Sigh. Did Ubiquity just let me down?

Cable length may be a problem anyway. Getting a cable from the switch to the AP will be a pain and I may have to resort to plan B.

My primary reason for posting is trying to figure out how Ubiquity expects us to take advantage of their 10 Gb solution while powering it via PoE++? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Edit: Oops. I rechecked my notes. I wrote XG on my notes and then included HD’s details. I ordered an XG when I should have ordered an HD. Sigh. It is still an interesting question. I will need to order an HD and return the XG. Pity.

They make a 10GB POE https://youtu.be/zg-hQhhf9vM and no, you can not get power over SFP/SFP+