Unifi with No Internet

Hi all -

I have a client constructing a new office. So I built his network at home (pfSense/Netgate router, Cloud Key Gen2+, two Unifi switches, 3 nanoHD AP’s).

I build the network with only one AP as that’s all I had on hand at the time. All was working at home.

So the office construction got to the point where we could install equipment. So I built out the rack and installed the router and Unifi gear. Only gotcha is there is no Internet access until April 25th.

Everything came up OK- router, Cloud Key, switches are all happy. The AP connected fine to the Cloud Key- however, it is slowly flashing blue. Is this because there is no Internet access? As I said, the switches seem to not care.

I also brought two more nanoHD’s online- when attempting to adopt them, the status says “updating” and they eventually just go offline. I could see where this would happen as there is no way to do an update without the Internet.

Did I miss something or will all be right with the universe when we get an Internet connection?

uhh here is a link to there device blink codes https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/204910134-UniFi-LED-Color-Patterns-for-UniFi-Devices it sounds like they cant find there uplink but i could be wrong

Yes, I know of that document and the light patterns.

I am able to communicate with the device from the Cloud Key, ping the device, etc. So the network is probably fine. Meshing is disabled, so it should not be looking for a device to mesh with. The only “network” that is unavailable is the Internet. So my question remains… is this what is making the device flash blue? Or when they refer to “network” are they referring to the LAN?

Additionally, why can’t I get the other two AP’s adopted? Is Internet access required for adoption?