Unifi Wireless Troubles

Question about Unifi.
Have a new customer with odd behavior.
Customer has roughly 50 endpoints/devices connected via 4 UAP-AC-Pro
These are connected to a 16 Port Unifi Switch (POE)
Hardwired, no issues whatsoever.
Wireless is usually find. But, every couple of hours, it drops to about 12-15mbps. Whereas usually it is 480mbps to 600mbps
This customer is in a multi-tenant commercial building. We have other customers here as well. The wireless is usually fine for the other customers.
I can look at the dashboard as well as the wifi insights and see where it dips in performance. I’ve done wifi scans and reported the same thing. It shows where other access points are in the area and might be causing interference, but I have where Unifi is set to change to other channels when possible.

Is there anything I’m missing that I could do to improve reliability? This has been an ongoing issue for over two weeks. Its not all the time, so an intermittent problem is harder to resolve.

Setup something to capture the syslog data and see if you can correlate the data slow downs with data coming from the access points.

We setup wireshark, it just shows packet loss during those times. We believe it was just interference.
Or do you mean something to capture the data from the controller end to capture the data?

Look at the syslog