UNIFI wired devices disconnect/re-connect issue

My Unifi network is sending me massive amounts of disconnect/reconnect notices from all of my cameras. They disconnect for about 2 to 40 seconds. There’s no time pattern, it can be from a few minutes to several hours before it repeats.

It was an issue that I would see maybe once or twice a week, but in the last week it became a daily occurrence.

I’m thinking I might just be overdosing my CK+ because it’s really gotten worse after adding the last batch of cameras. I’ve disconnected two the new cameras and I have about a 10 hour period of no notices, but they are back and really regular. I’m going to disconnect all of the new cameras, but I had this issue before they were added.

Any ideas what I should be looking at?

The basic network is as follows: Comcast Business 40 internet, USG to a USW-24-G1, there are two US-8-150W connected by SFP ports. The POE switches feed a CKG2 Plus, 6 flex cameras, 1 G4 Pro, 3 G4 Bullets, 1 Viewport, and 3 APs. There is a feed to a US-8-60W that powers another AP and a Flex camera in a remote building. There’s a G3 Doorbell camera and a G3 Instant camera on the wireless. In all, there’s 13 cameras, 4 APs, so I know I’m taxing the hardware.

The rest of the network is Windows domain (but only 2 users at any given time) and a bunch of IOT devices. No vlans.

I’m open for advice.

That is a lot of cameras for a CK+ to be running, I assume that is the issue.


If I were placing a bet, that’s what I would go with.

I’ve been looking for a UNVR or UNVR-Pro for months.

Right now, I’ve disconnected two G4 bullets and the G4-pro. I’ll see if the disconnects slow down.

Disconnecting cameras reduces the disconnects.

Since UNVRs are unobtainable, Is there anyway add a second CK+ and just use it as a second DVR?

They don’t work as one interface, but yes you can move some cameras over to it.

How would that look? Would it be adopted by the existing CK, setup as a new site, or something else?

It would be treated as a separate device.