Unifi wifi speed

I recently setup a UDM-pro and a U6-pro, and most things seem to be functioning pretty well except the wifi speed. I’m only getting 60-70 Mbps and I’m testing sitting right next to it.

I do have a mikrotik POE switch that the UP-pro is plugged in to. The port speed that’s the pro is plugged in to is 1Gb, and if I plug my laptop in with the cable going to the U6-pro I get 300 Mbps (which is my internet speed).

I have the u6-pro channel width at 80 and all other settings pretty much default.

What kind of interference are you getting, is it in a safe spot?
Have you tried to optimize with the best channel?
Are you using 2.4 or 5ghz?
What do the statistics look like from the console?

That is weird. My setup is simulair with a CSS610-8P-2S+ and some U6 Pro’s.
Speeds (speedtest.net) are mostly 800Mbps+.

Is there some kind of speedlimit active?
On 5Ghz I have also a channel width of 80.

Check your ethernet terminations which may have problems. Usually when you are around 100 Mbps it indicates poor wiring. I had a temp setup for a bit where the punch panel had a couple of wires came loose and it resulted in an approx 100 Mbps connection. Repunched them down and back to 700+ Mbps via iPerf.

It is in a safe spot on a shelf next to my desk for testing, nothing in between that should conflict.

I have attempted to optimize the channels, but nothing changed, so I set it back to default today.

That was a thought of mine as well and I used the same cable and same port in the switch to test my laptop which got 300 Mbps across the lanline. I have not attempted iperf

That is the exact switch I have and am using speedtest.net as well. I do not have speedlimiting set up, unless there is a setting I missed. I will double check that.

As @xMAXIMUSx has asked, are you on Wifi 5? Check that you are not using 2.4.

I’ve even tried different cables, with the same results

User error. I figured it was something I was missing. I forgot to assign the WiFi to the second network created instead of the initial network created. Once I did that it’s zipping along fast as can be.

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I am having a similiar problem with a U6LR I just bought and support has not been very helpful.
I have all network gear in ONE room. On the PC in the room I get 800mbps on the LR I get 500mbps. Both are zero hops to the router and the LR is plugged into the router. If I move 20 feet away from the LR I get 350mbps. If I move 40 feet away I get 175 mbps. Except for the PC, this is all on Wifi6.

My problem was user error. I had created a second network along side the hardwired lan network, but I assigned the wifi to the lan network, not the second. As soon as I made the switch to the second network speed immediately jumped to what I expected.