Unifi Wifi in large hotels

Does anyone have experience with unifi APs at large hotels? I have mostly done Unifi installations in small offices. I work with a hotel that has 400 rooms, large conference rooms and some office space. They have an old HP MSM solution and we want to switch to aruba but are now also considering Unifi. Should be around 150-200 APs, considering InWallHD in everyother room approx. Just wish Wifi6 IW model would come soon.


Not a hotel but similar scope. This project was done in 2019 and is still going strong.

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Thanks Tom. Appreciate that you took the time to respond.

Do you have experience with Inwall HD APs specifically? I have to use that kind of APs in this project.
Would you recommend Unifi Inwall for a hotel installation?

We have not used those models at that scale but I don’t see any reason they should not work. They are really ideal for offering access per room.