Unifi WiFi Ai kinda breaking WiFi

Yesterday I upgraded everything on my network, and with that I got the 5.12.35 version controller.

One of the things I was excited to try with that, was the WiFi Ai, but that didn’t turn out as I had hoped it would.

I don’t need the Ai at all, as there are very few other networks around my house, and I live in the very edge of the town. But I still wanted to see what it would discover, and how it would react to it.

After enabling the Ai and setting a time, everything was fine. I did the first maual scan, and it got its first baseline. Then this morning at 4am I had set it to do another automated scan, and so it did. Looking at the result, it had decided to not do any changes. I had expected that, as mentioned, there are very few other networks around my house.

However… My phone had problems connecting to my wifi, and if it finally got connected, it could not get an ip. If it managed to get an ip, it would prompt the network as not having any internet connecting over it. I then started looking a bit more at my network. My chromecast also had problems, my mibox s had very poor wifi, my laptop was struggling to get to 100 Mbps, and my chromecast audio could not connect at all, no matter how many tries I gave it.

The only thing I had done, was to turn the wifi ai on, so I tried to turn it off again, and a few minutes later everything was back to normal. My phone now connect within a few seconds, the chromecast audio was back, and all the other devices worked normally again.

This was not what I expected from that feature.

Dig into the logs and post a bug report to UniFi