Unifi Voip Offering

Just got a promotional email about this new offering and seems compelling offering. Anyone else interested in this? Interested in community thoughts.

Ordered two phones and trying to setup one, but struggling with the config needed to receive incoming calls. Outbound call works, but get busy signal when try call from my cell. Ubiquiti tech support is saying it’s either my pfsense config or ISP blocking. Anyone had any luck with unifi talk and pfsense?

Thank you very much


Don’t go there. Been watching Unifi comments on various Youtube and other blogs and Unifi is starting to get some bad comments on their pushing new products without first fixing their software. Be very wary, stick with tried and true.

Recently had conflicts when installing the management software for a Unifi switch, Issue was java version and an existing DB for another application. Looking seriously at using other products more. It is to bad that Unifi is not paying more attention to their core products that have been solid in the past. Will the Edge line still be maintained or will it be dropped? Questions arise and need answers if we in the business are to continue to recommend Unifi’s products to our clients, it is about our reputation and that is our business.