Unifi + VLAN + VoIP Phones

Hello Everyone,

I think it was a Youtube video that I watch from Tom, where he was configuring a VoIP phone to work with a computer on a different VLAN connected to the Phone.

Sonicwall —Unifi_48PoE-----YeahLink---------DELL Computer
The PC and the VoIP_Phone were in two different VLANs.

In any case that is what I am trying to achieve, I have an upcoming installation where the clients office is hardwired with a Single network drop per desk, and they just decided that they are going to use VoIP phones. and I need to implement a VoIP VLan and then at the phone split the a VLan for VoIP and another one for DATA.

I cover pfsense and LLDP with UniFI here. older video but the concepts are still the same.


Awesome… Thank you Tom, yes it was an old Video I saved it but did not remember the name of it.

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