Unifi VLAN problem

My first try at setting up vlans and can’t get them to work. I have a first gen ck on 5.14.23, AP-AC-LR, US-8-150W, and USG. I have rebooted all of them. I have also tagged the port for the AP-AC-LR with no change. When I try to connect a device to the VLAN it gets an ip address from my main LAN.

Try changing the purpose of that network to Vlan Only. And you’ll still need to provide the vlan ID.

They don’t wnat to use VLAN Only, because that will set up the VLAN on the switch(es) but not the USG.

Make sure that the port on the switch going to the USG’s LAN is set to the All port profile. Same with the port going to the AP. You can mess with custom port profiles after you are sure that it works with the All port profile. The “All” port profile means leave VLAN 1 (aka no VLAN) as untagged, and tag all other VLANs that have been made.

Well this shows I’ve never used a USG before. Only used Unifi switches with pfSense.

Can’t select VLAN only it’s grayed out

So did you try my suggestion?

Yes got it to work but NOT with my AP-AC-LR which is my main AP. I had the USG plugged into a 24 port procurve switch and that is connected to a US-8-150W via SFP. Once I connected the USG to an open port on the US-8-150W, then connected to my AP-AC-Mesh it worked.

But my AP-AC-LR I cannot use the “All” profile because it is 24V passive any way to get it to work on my AP-AC-LR?

In order to pass VLANs through the procurve switch, you’ll need to create each VLAN on it, and tag the uplink ports with the VLANs they need to pass. Procurve switches drop any VLANs they aren’t programmed with.

You can use the All port profile with the AP-AC-LR - just do an override to enable the 24V power. Example:
Or edit your custom profile to “Select All” next to Tagged Networks.

So should I be able to have the USG connected to the procurve and still make it work? The US-8-150W is my only POE switch and it only has one open port left.

Yes, just have to make VLAN 30 on the Procurve, and tag it on the ports connecting to the USG and the US-8-150W.