Unifi VLAN on Mikrotik switch

I have my main Internet connection at HQ with Vlan35 activated from ISP, I want my remote site to be able to browse on the Internet from HQ (Vlan35) and to browse the LAN (Vlan355). Attached the network design; All my sites are connected to the HQ using MikrotikRB951 as a normal switches; I want to create VLAN’s 35 and 355 on unifi PoE 8ports switch and achieve my goal (internet browsing and LAN browsing), Should I create firewall rules? What kind of rules? Please need your help. Thx

I am not familiar with configuring MikroTik firewalls, if no one else here responds you could try their forums https://forum.mikrotik.com/

I want the guide on how to configure the 2 vlan’s on Unifi, in mikrotik not need as there are configured as simple switch

I don’t have a usg, but I believe there is a tab for vlans. Create the vlans in that tab then go and configure the ports on UniFi switch and unify ap.