UniFi — VLAN not being assigned on WiFi

I have a Wifi network, X, it has the “network” assigned, Client (VLAN ID=3, subnet

However, despite the devices being connected to the WiFi, on the Client Devices Page, the network column says “Default” when I’d expect it to be “Client”… they’re being assigned IP Addresses within the expected subnet however.

How can I ensure that the traffic from those devices get tagged with the correct VLAN?

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • USG-3p


  • US-8-150W


  • U6-IW


  • 7.5.176
  • All hardware firmware is up to date

You have to first setup the VLAN in your UniFi controller. Then whenever you create your SSID in the settings you have to choose VLAN network.

Or this could be a bug in the software.

Yes I’ve created the VLANs from Settings > Networks and assigned them to the appropriate WiFi networks from Settings > WiFi

If it’s an issue with the User Interface, I can live that (for now…) — how could I confirm otherwise? Ideally would like to avoid pulling out Wireshark, but curious if there are any other quicker methods.

A simple ping to another device on a different vlan would be a simple test.