Unifi vlan and printer

Hi guys i need help with a all unifi system. There is 2 vlan, vlan100 and vlan200. The printer is on vlan100 but my client want to be able to print from vlan20p to the same printer. Can you guys help eith that set up. Set up ( USG pro, 24 port unifi switch and 5 UAP pro’s)

If the printer is using mDNS (and some of them do) you just need to enable the service in the UniFI controller.

Yes that the problem their printer has no mdns.

Is this a case of wanting to print from the guest network over to the private network?

For some printers there might not be an easy answer as they were designed to be on the same network.

Yes that exactly it. want to print from guess network over a private network

Ah! okay then i know what you are talking about. I had a similar request at one point. Its possible but it was all about the firewall we had to deal with. I was not sure if we had the same vlan thing but we did have the same kind of issue where it just seemed like nothing would work. What kind of printer is it if you don’t mind me asking.

it is a canon mf628cw