UniFi Viewport or Web Browser

I just received my UniFi Viewport, I’ve been using my web browser to view my Protect Live feeds, and now that I’ve had it up and running for a few days, I’m starting to wonder what’s the advantage of the Viewport with its functionality limitations compared to just using your web browser were you have audio etc?

Are there any security concerns or anything else with using your web browser to view the Protect Live Feeds on one of my three monitors setup?

The Viewport offers a more automated way of doing it vs setting up the browser to auto launch, stay logged in, and keep the stream going.

Thank for your reply Tom. I think it would be nice if they could somehow add in the browser functionalities to the Viewport like being able to select a camera view and audio etc. Well from the looks of it on eBay, I can sell it and possibly make a profit, UniFi equipment is commanding big money.

I’ve recently installed a viewport for a customer, which is used only so that the girls in the office upstairs can see if someone is waiting in reception.

The old way was a BNC feed direct from an old rubbish camera.

Other ways I’ve seen this done is a second NVR with no HDD running just to stream, or using a PI.

I also have a customer who insists on watching cameras on her PC… then complains that its slow as anything!